A Printed Catalog FOR YOU!
You will Receive it in a Few Weeks

Dear Customer, it is with great pleasure to note that the most difficult phase of COVID is about to end.
We all want a great recovery and give the best of our professionalism.
For this purpose, GIVAL wants to be at your side, as always, to give you

*The Best Support for Your Sales.*
We have prepared a printed catalog for you that you will receive in a few weeks, where you can also put your brand, which you can use in your shop both to enrich with the latest “Collection 2022” offers and to use it as a sales accessory with your customers.

A Catalog that You can Show to Your Customers With Public Prices in AUD

In fact, the catalog is designed with public prices in AUD so that you can show it to your customers to complete and enrich your sales.
To get your price just

*Divide the Price you See in the Catalog by Three.*

- Example -
MOD. 5241/2
Gold gr. 4.80 - Eme. ct. 0.88 - Diam. ct. 0.24

AUD 4.590
Your Price AUD 1.530
( Certified Value )

It is an Interactive Catalog

(You Can Change the Sizes of the Rings, the Color of Gold, the Color of Stones, ...)

It is an interactive catalog as you can change the sizes of the rings, the length of the necklaces, the color of gold and the color of precious and semiprecious stones.
For anything not specified, you can request further information via email or our representative in Australia. 

Free Shipping 
(from AUD 3.000)

Insuranced Delivery

To Australia 
for all your Orders

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