New Italian Collection

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BENEFIT: +3.4!
+ Up To $ 2,200
On Sales Volume

For Orders  Until
30 November 2020  

- Example -
MOD. 5241/3
Gold gr. 4.80 - Rub. ct. 1.30 - Diam. ct. 0.24

RRP AUD 6,200
( Certified Value )
Your Net Cost AUD 1,826
Your Benefit (+3.4!):  4,374

Free Fed-Ex 
(from AUD 3.000)
Insuranced Delivery
To Australia
for all your  orders !

Bonus Discount on Sales Volume

Up To
$ 3,000 -
$ 5,000 - $ 250
$ 10,000 - $ 1,000
$ 15,000 - $ 2,200

Why is GiVal different?

A "Gival" is NOT a jewel,
but a jewel of different *SURE* Value.

A Value you can warranty
to your client!

GIve VALue!



Mostly Cheap Asiatic  Manufactured
In the same town we will assure exclusive Hand-Made pieces in YOUR SHOP.
Dozen of kinds of jewels, seen dozen of times, in dozen of  shops.

Certified Real Value
We write down certification for the "real" value of the "Final Price" for the End-User.

Doubting Value?!
Personalized with Your Shop's Logo
Each Gival jewel is accompanied by a personalized Gemological Certificate with relative photo, which certifies and guarantees, in a transparent and objective way, the high-quality standard: both for the selection of diamonds and precious stones, and for the accurate goldsmith workmanship, for the setting under the microscope, and for exclusively realization in Italy in our laboratories.
Producer's Brand 
Customized Taylor-Made Jewels Predefined Standard
High Quality
(F/G color - purity VVS)
with microscopic setting.
 Cheap Quality
(H/I  color - purity SI)
standard pre-setting
Conflit-Free Kimberly Process
The entire production chain is carried out according to ethical process. ALL our gems, stones, diamonds come from an ethical process.
MayBe-Bloody Stones and jewels?
Mostly no warranty is carried about Where and How the stones are bought...

The "cheaper" manufacturers might buy gems exchanging arms, not money...

Personalized  Warranty
with your Logo



1) Exclusive Italian Goldsmiths
Each piece made by hand and each gem is incastonated by microscope one by one inside our proprietary Ancient Art's Lab.

2) Only Natural High Quality Selected Gems
Our goldsmiths select only the best precious gems that nature produces.

3) Triple Check-Controls for Each Production Step
  • Selection Stones
  • Check Fusions
  • Settings & Finishment

4) Gold  18kt, 750 ‰
   Desired Color:
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Rose

Gives Value
Your Factory From Italy!


Free Fed-EX

Delivery in  1 week.
Directly from Italy!

Italian Jewels by to GIve VALue
Sil.Ma. Srl - Via Sandro Pertini, 16 - Giarre (CT) Italy - VAT IT04026580870

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